All in-person workshops are on hold due to the pandemic. See the Contact page for information on how to contact Celeste.

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Textile workshop at the Union.

At the Union’s Abundance garden

Recreating Nick Cave’s costumes.

Current Events & Exhibits

MARCH 6, 2021 - JANUARY 30, 2022

Durham Museum

As you experience this piece with a open heart listen and feel the stories and envision a better world that embraces the ideal of inclusive, fairness with justice and love for ALL.

April, 2021

ODC Theater

Lively conversation between ODC Theater Resident Artist, Lauren Simpson, collaborators Celeste Butler, & Nick Miller (Painter), Galen Rogers (Dancer), and Dereck Higgins (Musician)

9-10 June, 2021

Pear Tree Performing Arts

Workshop 1: Affirmation and how we see ourselves
Workshop 2 (TBD):  Centered around how to create your own style using repurposed items.


Today's Omaha Woman

Celeste Butler is a fiber and textile artist, Quiltologist and storyteller based in Omaha. Butler has exhibited at the Bemis, Carver Bank…

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OEA Awards

The Omaha Entertainment and Arts 13th Annual Award Winner for Best Emerging Visual Artist, 2019.

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Preservation Magazine

Once Dilapidated, a 100-Year-Old Building Is Now a Thriving Arts Center in Omaha. Nearly a century ago, in North Omaha…

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