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About the Artist

Celeste Butler

Is a multi-disciplinary artist, quiltologist, and storyteller

Based in Omaha, NE, Celeste has worked on several community engagement art projects, celebrating the pride and culture of North Omaha and collaborating with mothers who have lost their children to violence, developing set design for 2019 Union Fellow Liz Gre’s opera Whispered Like the Wind, and more.

Celeste has participated in in-school artist-in-residences, working with children at Nelson Mandela and Saratoga Elementary Schools, teaching the next generation the art of quilting and storytelling. In 2018 she created quilts in honor of Nelson Mandela for the centennial celebration of his birth for Nelson Mandela Elementary.

Celeste lectures and teaches at Metropolitan Community College, and led workshops at the 2018 National African American Quilt Convention in Lawrence, Kansas, where she had two quilts featured.

Celeste’s work has been featured in the Washington Post, We Don’t Coast, and Omaha INSPIRED Living. Celeste’s work is in several public and private collections, including those of world renown coach and author Iylana Vanzant, Anne York and Jeffrey Schrager, Women Center for Advancement, Dr. Mark Goodman, Dr. Cynthia Gooch- Grayson, Brigitte McQueen, Camille Moten, Center for Holistic Development, Nelson Mandela Elementary, and The Union for Contemporary Art.

Celeste was a 2017 Fellow at The Union for Contemporary Art and participated in the 2018-19 Kent Bellows Artist Mentoring Program and Omaha’s Why Arts Artist-in-Residence program. Butler just finished a year as a fellow at the Union for Contemporary Arts. During that time, it was important for her to send positive messages about North Omaha. She invited the community to sit with her around a quilt frame and talk. Quilts are the original version of social media, she says, sending a message with every finished masterpiece.



"I’m a storyteller. I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors and from them, I draw a lot of my work because there's so many stories that need to be and have to be told..."